The Way of the Cauldron

This week's submission was sent in by Amber Allen, the winner of last month's Mystery Box contest.

The Way of the Cauldron
by Amber Allen

Come to my Cauldron says the beautiful Witch
Where I can teach healing and love

Where stones ring out in harmony
Where the feathers are gifts from above
Come to my Cauldron says the intuitive Witch
Where the Tarot calls you by name
Where the Pendulum swings for the words
Where the astrology signs from your birth lay claim
Come to my Cauldron says the Green Witch
Where the plants are your friends and help you learn
Where the incense fills your soul with light and peace
Where a stream will give you the tranquility you yearn
Come to my Cauldron says the Familiar Witch
Where the animals give you protection from the dark
Where the familiars watch over you and protect you
Where the wise ones guide you to create the living spark
 Come to my Cauldron says the ancient Witch
 Where I can teach you spells and to hear the Earth's voice
 Where the Moon has great power and Silence is an art
 Where candles dance and your path is your choice   
 Make your Cauldron says The Great Mother
 Where you can talk to me with your inner mind
 Where you can use all you have learned my blessed child

 Where you can do good unto others and they to you in kind  

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A Local Gem | Odyssey Etching and Engraving

This week on Friday Favorites I want to showcase a pillar in the Phoenix Pagan Community.  This guy has provided my family with the centerpiece of our family altar which will be an heirloom as our boys grow up and have children of their own.  His work is immaculate and amazing in detail.  He is Randy of Odyssey Etching and Engraving.

Odyssey Etching and Engraving can be found at nearly any Pagan event in and around the Phoenix area.  They are always willing to donate items for fundraisers and raffles to benefit the local community.  When I was looking for an engraved stone for my family I knew right where to go.

Just look at that amazing detail.  The craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this piece.  I presented it to my husband on his birthday and he just loved it.  Now it has a permanent home on our family altar.

Then last year Randy gave my husband David two bottles that he had engraved.  Both bore the pentagram symbol and one had a small hammer in the center.  Since David is a mead-making hobbyist he used these bottles to store his mead in.  The one with the hammer has been claimed by Loki and when we separate it from that statue things tend to get misplaced or go missing in our home.  Something I am constantly complaining about.  The plain pentacle resides with my statue of Hebe that I bought at the Astrology Store during Glendale Glitters last year.

During Phoenix Pagan Pride Day last year Randy gave us this mug that he had engraved for us just out of the goodness of his heart.  We were both amazed.  All we had for him was homemade shaving soap!

Find them at a local event or check them out online, I promise you won't be sorry.  They can be found at Odyssey Etching and Engraving.  

New Moon Esbat Ritual

 New Moon Esbat Ritual

This ritual is very child-friendly.  Start by clearing and releasing excess energy.  For this Esbat you will be casting a visual circle while cleansing your space which is very helpful when inviting small children into ritual.  Have your participants assembled in the ritual space and, beginning in the East, lay one end of a long piece of rope on the ground.  It may be helpful to stake it into the ground (outside) or pin or tape it to the floor (inside).  Now slowly walk the perimeter of the circle tuathail, lying the rope along your path to create a tangible barrier.  As you walk, speak the following:
“This is our space, we cleanse and consecrate it thusly.  Let no darkness or negativity pass through, allow only goodness and light.  We cast this circle as a barrier of protection.  May it hold through our ritual and maintain our safe space.  So mote it be.”
Once you reach your starting point, bring the two ends of the rope together, making sure that they are touching.
Now is time to call the quarters and invite the Goddess and God as well as the ancestors to your circle.

Beginning in the East, take up your wand and visualize a pillar of swirling air growing from the ground.    Speak the following:   “We call upon the guardian of air, the element of wind and breezes, of intellect and thought. Join us in our magical workings and lend us your inspiration.”
Move to the South, visualizing a pillar of embers and flames growing from the ground.

“We call upon the guardian of fire, the element of passion, of heat and of warmness.  Join us in our magical workings and lend us your warmth.”

Move to the West, visualizing a pillar filled with crashing waves growing from the ground.

“We call upon the guardian of water, the element of the ebb and flow, of communication and connection, and of emotion and love. Join us in our magical workings and lend us your cleansing wave.”

Move to the North, visualizing a mighty tree growing within a pillar from the ground.

“We call upon the guardian of earth, the element of grounding, solidity and nurturing. Join us in our magical workings and lend us your strength.”

Now we invoke the Goddess in Her facet of the Maiden.  Open your palms to the Earth and speak the following:
“Lady, we invite you in your aspect of the maiden.  Be welcome in this space as we honor your rebirth.  Lady of love and of youth, we bid you Hail and Welcome.”
All:  “Hail and welcome.”

We invoke the God in His facet of the King.  Raise your arms to the sky and speak the following:
“Lord, we invite you in your aspect of the king.  Be welcome in this space as we recognize the departure of the Crone, your consort.  Lord of power and of courage, we bid you Hail and Welcome.”
                All: “Hail and welcome.”

Lastly, we invite our ancestors to the circle. 
                “Beloved ancestors who have lived, breathed, and passed beneath the light of the same moon we ask you to join us tonight as we bid welcome to a new lunar cycle.  Ancestors who came before, we bid you Hail and Welcome.”
                All: “Hail and welcome.”

Prior to your ritual, have each participant collect a silver coin with their birth year on it.  You will also need a dish (or a cauldron)ready.  Have each participant hold their coin in their hands as you say the following:
“On this night of no moonlight I will ask this wish tonight.
Within this coin my wish is carried and it will grow when it is buried.”

Collect the coins in the dish and at the end of the ritual take them outside and bury them under the stars.

Now we will bless and share the cakes and ale.  As this ritual is appropriate for children, we will substitute wine for juice.  Have a bottle of fruit juice or water at the ready and paper cups for each participant.  Hold the bottle up toward the sky and envision a soft white light pouring into the bottle.  Say:
“By the power of the Goddess and her consort, the God, may this drink be blessed.  So mote it be.”
Do the same for the cakes, again imagining a soft white light coming down.
“By the power of the Goddess and her consort, the God, may these cakes be blessed.  So mote it be.”
Pour a bit of juice into each cup and pass them out along with a piece of the cake.  Once everyone has been served put forth the toast:
“To the Goddess, to the God, and to us!”
You will now close the ritual and open the circle.  Start first by giving thanks to the ancestors then to Deity.

“Honored ancestors, we offer our thanks for all you have done for us.  Everything you did during your lifetimes impacted the choices that we all have here today.  Ancestors who came before, we bid you Hail and Farewell.”
                All: “Hail and Farewell.”

                “We thank you oh, God, in your aspect of the king, consort of the Goddess, for your presence.  Lord of courage and of unity, we bid you Hail and Farewell.”
                All: “Hail and Farewell.”

 “Goddess we thank you for your presence and the blessings you have shared with us.  Lady of hope and of love, we bid you Hail and Farewell.”
                All: “Hail and Farewell.”
Now thank and dismiss each quarter:
“Thank you, spirits of the East, element of air, for your part in our ritual.  Go in peace until we meet again.”
“Thank you, spirits of the South, element of fire, for your part in our ritual.  Go in peace until we meet again.”
“Thank you, spirits of the West, element of water, for your part in our ritual.  Go in peace until we meet again.”
“Thank you, spirits of the North, element of earth, for your part in our ritual.  Go in peace until we meet again.”

At this point you will open the circle.  From the east, take up the end of the rope and begin walking deosil, coiling it up as you go.  Speak the following:
“Though open, our circle can never be broken.  So mote it be.”
Store the rope in a safe place until you wish to use it again.  As always, cleanse and release any excess energy.

Osho Zen Tarot Review

This being the very first Tarot Tuesday I feel that I have to honor not only my first deck but the one that has stayed with me all these years.  I've been using this deck as the base of all of my divination work (the same deck even, not two of the same kind) since 1998.

It all started with my very first roommate, a young man named Abdul.  He was incredibly spiritual and used this deck regularly.  He gave me my first tarot reading at age 16.  I remember how much those colorful cards spoke to me and how loud they were.

It wasn't until two years later that I had my own real spiritual awakening and when I decided that I wanted to delve into the world of divination I knew there was only one tool that was going to get me there.  So I went to a new age shop in Scottsdale and rooted around until I found them.  And they were just as loud as Abdul's had been two years earlier.

As someone who can't stand decks in which upside down cards carry their own meanings, this one really appeals to me.  It's nothing against decks that do, I just don't like the physical look of a mixed up deck.  It's one of my pet peeves.  This one doesn't work that way and I love it.  And while it does have Major and Minor cards they are set up just a bit differently.

One thing that I have noticed and love about this deck is that it is very positive.  If you ask, for example, "Will I get a promotion at work?" it's not going to tell you you will or won't.  Instead it tells you what steps you need to take to make it happen and what steps will sabotage your chances.

Since I have been using this deck for so long I know the card meanings inside and out and am able to interpret them with a great deal of clarity.  I think the key to any successful reading is having a strong knowledge of your cards and their strengths and limitations.  This deck fits me like a glove and even though I have many others this is always the one I trust the most and use the most frequently.
One of my favorite cards.

How To Make A Perler Bead Bow Hair Clip

One thing I loved playing with when I was little was Perler beads (also called Hama beads and fuse beads).  It wasn't until last year though that I saw them in the craft store and picked them up again.  Even my four year old loves them though I have to watch him like a hawk because they fly out of his little impatient fingers and I don't want the toddler to find them.

Baby Book of Shadows

One thing I have noticed since having my first son, there really isn't a lot of age-appropriate material for young children in the Pagan household.  When my second son was born and began to show an intense love for books I was further disappointed when the only material I could find was your standard elementary school or young adult material.  Obviously a toddler wasn't going to get much out of that except for a pile of torn out pages.

Earlier this year I was in Northern Winds in Phoenix while working at a psychic faire and on a whim asked the owner, Mike Erwin, if he'd come across anything that young.  A smile spread across his face and he led me to this:
Amazon Stock Photo
I think I actually squealed in the middle of his store.  A bright, colorful, PAGAN board book for kids!  Each page has a letter of the alphabet on it and something pagan (mostly Wiccan) that it pertains to.  G is for Goddess, O is for Ostara, R is for Ritual, etc.  And there is a little rhyming sentence or two for each page.  

I went outside with my treasure to get back to work and showed my friend who was working with me.  She also squealed and just had to have a copy for her son as well!

I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone with little kids who aren't old enough for paper books.  Who am I fooling, I recommend this book to anyone!  The illustrations are amazing, the text is adorable, and it's a very sturdy quality book.  The pages are thick and well constructed.

If you are in the Phoenix area you can pick yourself up a copy at the Northern Winds on 7th Street and Camelback.  Otherwise, you can buy it on Amazon here.

Color Magic

As a wiccan you learn that everything around you has its own energy, it's own vibrations.  Certain things are known to alter or enhance these energies.  Things like scents, sounds, or even gemstones.  An easy to recognize example of this is when you hear a song that you haven't heard in a very long time and it immediately reminds you of the last time you heard it and how you felt at that time.

Colors are no different.  "Red cars are pulled over the most because people assume they are speeding."  "Wear blue to court because it makes you look trustworthy."  

One of the simplest and most effective ways to use color magic is to burn a candle whose color matches or compliments your intent.  Other examples are altar cloths, garments, inks, papers, and fabric elements of talismans or amulets.  Below is a simple reference guide for the basic colors and their uses:


Magickal Properties: The color red symbolizes life's blood and has always been associated with Wiccan Rituals in that sense.  Passion,  fire, courage, strength, joy, life renewal, energy, health, motivation, desire.
Astrological Correspondence: Aries, Scorpio and Mars.     
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Tuesday.  Yule (December 21) & Imbolc (February 2) & Litha (June 21)
Chakra Association: Base or Root~ Bones, teeth, nails, colon, prostate gland, rectum, blood and blood cells.  This chakra color adds power and support to your system.
Aura Association: Vitality, ambition, sexual power and leadership.  A healthy red aura indicates good health and are often seen in athletes.


Magickal Properties: Opportunities, happiness, mental alertness, kindness,  material gain, removes feelings of abandonment and helps to seal a spell.
Astrological Correspondence: Sun, Leo, Sagittarius       
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Sunday. Samhain (October 31) Beltane (May 1)
Chakra Association: Sacral~ Pelvis, kidneys, womb, bladder, blood, lymph, gastric juices, sperm, adrenaline.  Orange breaks down barriers and cures depression.
Aura Association: Physical vitality, harmony.  An orange aura can indicate a need to reduce stress but is also seen around people who are very outgoing.


Magickal Properties: Energy of the sun, healing, friendship, strengthen productivity, improve inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, light, humility
Astrological Correspondence: Mercury, Taurus, Leo, Libra   
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Sunday.  Litha (June 21) & Ostara (March 20)
Chakra Association: Solar Plexus~ Lower back, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, digestive system.  This color will remove negative thinking.  
Aura AssociationLove, creativity, kindness.  If a yellow aura is seen it usually indicates incredible intellect, naturally seen in writers.


Magickal Properties: Green has always been associated with the faerie folk, the Greenman and God or Goddess of vegetation and forest.  Healing, transformation, New beginnings, financial gains, prosperity, hopefulness, spring and immortality. 
Astrological Correspondence: Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer 
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Wednesday & Friday.  Beltane (May 1) & Yule (December 21) & Ostara (March 20)
Chakra Association: Heart~ upper back, breasts, heart, lungs, air circulation.  This color heals all parts of the body.  
Aura Association: Balance and harmony.  This color of aura shows a trusting and loving nature, and is naturally associated with artists.

Apple Green

Magickal Properties:  Healing, New beginnings, Cleansing
Astrological Correspondence: Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Wednesday & Friday.  Beltane (May 1) & Mabon (September 22)
Chakra Association: Heart~ upper back, breasts, heart, lungs, air circulation.  This color heals all parts of the body.  
Aura Association:  This color of aura may indicate a person who spends a little too much time in meditation.


Magickal Properties: Encourage wisdom, patience, peace, truth, loyalty, meditation, insight, happiness, fidelity
Astrological Correspondence: Moon, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces  
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Monday & Friday & Wednesday.  Yule (December 21)
Chakra Association: Throat~ Neck, throat, thyroid, lungs, windpipe, ears.  This color can help release mental confusion. 
Aura Association: Logical and intelligent.  This type of aura represents a natural healer and can indicate a very spiritual type of person.


Magickal Properties: Angelic protection.  Use for broken bones or broken pride
Astrological Correspondence: Saturn, Capricorn   
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Saturday.  Samhain (October 31)
Chakra Association: Brow (Third Eye)~ Face, central nervous system, nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, pituitary gland.  This color aids the emotionally hurt.
Aura AssociationArtistic talents and wisdom.  This aura association is seen on people who are very gifted in magic and naturally clairvoyant.


Magickal Properties: Purple is a very spiritual hue and supports any spiritual undertaking be it centering, wisdom or psychism. Justice, forgiveness and humility. 
Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Libra  
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Thursday.  Samhain (October 31)
Chakra Association: Brow (Third Eye)~ Face, central nervous system, nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, pituitary gland.  This color aids the emotionally hurt.
Aura Association: Responsibility for others and Spiritual attainment, it is not an aura that is usually seen on a person.


Magickal Properties: White is magickally neutral and represents the Goddess and Ancient Mother.  Safety, the divine self, enlightenment, cycle of life, freedom, health, love, initiation.
Astrological Correspondence: Pisces  
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Monday.  All Sabbats apply
Chakra Association: Crown~ Brain and pineal gland.  This color can help shy people become more outgoing.
Aura Association: Inspiration and illumination.  White is also a rare aura color and can sometimes indicate a person is idealistic and often "dreamy."


Magickal Properties: To return energy to it's sender.  Divination, banishing spells, chaos, beginning of creation, rebirth, infinity.  When used along with the color white it represents opposites- male/female.
Astrological Correspondence: None     
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Saturday.  Samhain (October 31) & Yule (December 21)
Chakra Association: None
Aura Association:  Generally accepted to signify blockages, negativity, or hiding oneself.


Magickal Properties: Solar energy and God.  Leadership, logical thinking, problem-solving, conscious awareness, health and recovery.
Astrological Correspondence: Sun, Leo
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Sunday.  Ostara (March 20) & Litha (June 21)
Chakra AssociationGold could be substituted for Yellow of the Solar Plexus.  This color will remove negative thinking. 
Aura Association: Unlimited potential, harmony and talent.  This type of aura indicates a person that many people are attracted to because of their vibrant personality.


Magickal Properties: Moon magic, reality, astral travel, restore balance, endurance, meditation, peace, freedom, connection to spirit.
Astrological Correspondence: None 
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Wednesday.  Silver would be a perfect color for Esbats or Full Moon Rituals & Litha (June 21)
Chakra Association: None
Aura Association: Idealistic, able to adapt easily, high energy.  This is the aura of wisdom or someone who strives to attain it.

Brown and Bronze

Magickal Properties: Security, friendship, nature magick
Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio, Capricorn
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: Imbolc (February 2) & Lughnasadh (August 1) & Mabon (September 22)
Chakra AssociationNone
Aura Association: Bronze: Generous, Humanitarian.   Brown: Selfish or someone who is in need of healing and is in a very fragile state.


Magickal Properties: Stabilizes a disturbed personality.
Astrological Correspondence: None 
Date & Sabbat Correspondence: None
Chakra Association: None
Aura Association: Unhappiness and low energy.  This aura color can often indicate a violent person or someone with negative energy.


Magickal Properties: Friendship, harmony, Calming, Self-love
Astrological Correspondence: None  
Date & Sabbat CorrespondenceBeltane (May 1) & Litha (June 21)
Chakra Association: None
Aura Association: Financial success, selfless love.  This aura indicates a very romantic personality and someone who is very at peace with themselves.


Magickal Properties: Gentle Strength and Joy
Astrological Correspondence: None
Date & Sabbat CorrespondenceImbolc (February 2) & Mabon (September 22)
Chakra Association: Peach could be substituted for Orange: Sacral~ Pelvis, kidneys, womb, bladder, blood, lymph, gastric juices, sperm, adrenaline.  Orange breaks down barriers and cures depression.
Aura AssociationThis aura color is associated with very compassionate and understanding people.

Love these!

Today I finished my first set of matching prayer beads and book of shadows.  I absolutely love how they turned out!

You can see more pics at my Etsy shop!

Tutorial: Creating Polymer Clay Beads With A Bead Roller

When I started making polymer clay beads I did it the old fashioned way.  Rolled them into the shape I wanted using my hands and the table I was working on.  While I got some really cool results this way I still wanted to find a way to make my beads more uniform.  During a trip to Hobby Lobby I discovered the Amaco Tri Bead Roller.

Tutorial: How to use vinyl nail decals

A couple of months ago I bought a Silhouette Cameo on sale at Michael's.  A friend of mine has an etsy shop (Delight Designs Vinyl) where she sells vinyl decals, cups, etc and when I told her I was in the market for a die cutting machine she recommended the Cameo.  

She was right, this thing is amazeballs.  What I love to do most on it is what I bought it for.  Vinyl decals.  And while I was making these lovely creations it occurred to me...I could make them for my nails!  So I did!


Creating Mazer Creations

My shop started when my husband, David, convinced me to make a go at selling my crafts. We have been married for almost five years but have been best friends for thirteen. He as much as anyone knows how much I love making things. Honestly I think he is tired of my creations cluttering up the house. hehe

As a girl my favorite thing was playdoh. I loved making little creatures, little rings and bracelets. I was always upset when everything had to be smashed back into a blob to fit into the storage container. That's why I love polymer clay so much. When I make something I like I make it permanent!
Daddy and Caleb ready to
go to a public ritual.
I've been married to my husband David since January 2009.  Before we got married we were best friends for nearly a decade.  I highly recommend marrying your best friend.  Having known each other for so long before we started a relationship there was no hiding any weird or gross habits.  We already knew all there was to know.
In 2010 we welcomed our first son, Caleb.  He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 4lbs 15oz.  From the beginning this little Aries was a stubborn boy and decided that he wasn't gonna require any of their NICU treatment.  He didn't spend a minute there =)

Me and the boys

 In 2012 we completed our family with the arrival of our second son, Lochlan.  This guy wasn't about to leave his comfy quarters and came out at over 8lbs.  With his birth came a completion of another sort within our family.  I was born in winter, Caleb in spring, David in summer, and Lochlan in autumn!  

As for me, I've been Wiccan for seventeen years.  I am a third degree student under Rev. Anna in the Correllian Tradition.  This year I have taken on the task of Co-Coordinator for Phoenix Pagan Pride.  Not sure yet if I will continue that venture next year or not.

I am a serial contest coordinator and you'll see a lot of that happening in my shop announcement or on my facebook page. Who doesn't love free stuff??