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This week on Friday Favorites I want to showcase a pillar in the Phoenix Pagan Community.  This guy has provided my family with the centerpiece of our family altar which will be an heirloom as our boys grow up and have children of their own.  His work is immaculate and amazing in detail.  He is Randy of Odyssey Etching and Engraving.

Odyssey Etching and Engraving can be found at nearly any Pagan event in and around the Phoenix area.  They are always willing to donate items for fundraisers and raffles to benefit the local community.  When I was looking for an engraved stone for my family I knew right where to go.

Just look at that amazing detail.  The craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this piece.  I presented it to my husband on his birthday and he just loved it.  Now it has a permanent home on our family altar.

Then last year Randy gave my husband David two bottles that he had engraved.  Both bore the pentagram symbol and one had a small hammer in the center.  Since David is a mead-making hobbyist he used these bottles to store his mead in.  The one with the hammer has been claimed by Loki and when we separate it from that statue things tend to get misplaced or go missing in our home.  Something I am constantly complaining about.  The plain pentacle resides with my statue of Hebe that I bought at the Astrology Store during Glendale Glitters last year.

During Phoenix Pagan Pride Day last year Randy gave us this mug that he had engraved for us just out of the goodness of his heart.  We were both amazed.  All we had for him was homemade shaving soap!

Find them at a local event or check them out online, I promise you won't be sorry.  They can be found at Odyssey Etching and Engraving.  

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  1. Thanks for the lovely promo! We appreciate your work as well.