Always the Bridesmaid...

I honestly don't know what year this was.  I was probably about four or five years old so it was definitely early eighties.  This was at my aunt's wedding (the mother of the boy in the photo).  All I remember about this day was my cousin Brandon (same boy), in his role as ring bearer, following me down the aisle as I dropped flower petals.  Why is that so memorable, you ask?  Because when I say following I mean staggering behind me while yelling, "BEETLE!  YOU'RE DROPPING YOUR FLOWERS!"

Beetle of course was me.  He called me that up until we both moved out on our own.  And I guess we didn't have a rehearsal so he didn't know that I was SUPPOSED to be chucking flowers everywhere.

An important piece of information to have, let me tell you.  He thought I was being careless and throwing flowers and I though he was being annoying and yelling at me for it.

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