Baby Book of Shadows

One thing I have noticed since having my first son, there really isn't a lot of age-appropriate material for young children in the Pagan household.  When my second son was born and began to show an intense love for books I was further disappointed when the only material I could find was your standard elementary school or young adult material.  Obviously a toddler wasn't going to get much out of that except for a pile of torn out pages.

Earlier this year I was in Northern Winds in Phoenix while working at a psychic faire and on a whim asked the owner, Mike Erwin, if he'd come across anything that young.  A smile spread across his face and he led me to this:
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I think I actually squealed in the middle of his store.  A bright, colorful, PAGAN board book for kids!  Each page has a letter of the alphabet on it and something pagan (mostly Wiccan) that it pertains to.  G is for Goddess, O is for Ostara, R is for Ritual, etc.  And there is a little rhyming sentence or two for each page.  

I went outside with my treasure to get back to work and showed my friend who was working with me.  She also squealed and just had to have a copy for her son as well!

I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone with little kids who aren't old enough for paper books.  Who am I fooling, I recommend this book to anyone!  The illustrations are amazing, the text is adorable, and it's a very sturdy quality book.  The pages are thick and well constructed.

If you are in the Phoenix area you can pick yourself up a copy at the Northern Winds on 7th Street and Camelback.  Otherwise, you can buy it on Amazon here.

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