Baelfire Gathering

Me and Elva manning the booth
In spite of a horrific cold I got dressed and drove into Phoenix last night, gatorade and kleenex in tow.  The ADF Grove of the Rising Phoenix held their Baelfire Gathering, an annual event that brings people from many different spiritual paths together to eat, drink, and be merry.  My co-chair Brian and I had set up a booth for Phoenix Pagan Pride Day.  One of our volunteers, Elva (a good friend of Brian's) was there to help us and the afternoon/evening went by quickly between chatting with people who came to the event and laughing among ourselves at conversation that wasn't really appropriate for the surroundings.  We were in the shaded corner of the courtyard next to the bar.  "Working the corner" as it became known.

Suited up for battle!
In spite of the 108 degree weather there was quite the turnout.  The local chapter of the SCA came out and provided medieval fighting demonstrations.  Brian and I decided to try to get them to come to Pagan Pride in November.

The evening ended early for me since the plague was making it hard for me to stay awake and I still had an hour's drive to get home.  I was saying hello to Felecia (who works at Northern Winds and is an absolute doll) when my phone rang.  It was my husband and boys via Facetime so that the boys could say goodnight.  I talked to them as I made my way out to the car.  Then I drove home with that nodding-head feeling and embarrassing music playing really loud.  I can't be the only one who has Snow on their iPod.  Inforrrrrmer  hdsafjkdsahfklsa!  A licky boom-boom down!

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