How To Make A Perler Bead Bow Hair Clip

One thing I loved playing with when I was little was Perler beads (also called Hama beads and fuse beads).  It wasn't until last year though that I saw them in the craft store and picked them up again.  Even my four year old loves them though I have to watch him like a hawk because they fly out of his little impatient fingers and I don't want the toddler to find them.

This week on Crafty Monday I'm going to show you how to make a Perler bead hair clip like the one shown here:

First you're going to need some Perler beads, a household iron, ironing paper (wax paper works as well, I'm told), a pegboard, a plain metal barrette (I like the spring kind that holds a lot of hair), a hot glue gun, and a bit of patience since this is quite a meticulous project.

Perler beads and pegboards can be purchase online or at Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby.  Ironing paper is usually included in your package but double check to make sure.  Also, the ironing paper can be reused, so don't throw it away after you finish a project.

The pattern for the bow is really quite simple.  I chose to do it in shades of blue but you can choose any color or color combination you want.

For this project you'll want to use your square pegboard.  The beads can be placed in any order you want.  You can do the outline first or choose to go line by line.

Once you have all of the beads placed make sure you don't bump your pegboard.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a completed project ruined by a trailing sleeve or a bump to the table.

I put my iron on the cotton setting with no steam.  Put your ironing paper over the design and press the iron down on top.  You only need to leave it on for a few seconds at a time.  You will see the beads start to fuse to the paper.  Once all of the beads are clearly visible, remove the iron and give the beads a minute or two to cool before you touch them.

Carefully peel back the transfer paper.  If there are any beads that aren't fused well, simply cover the design and give it another few seconds under the iron.

Once all of the beads are fused, peel off the paper and turn your design over onto your work surface.  It won't go back onto the pegboard at this point so just set that aside.

Cover your design again and fuse this side as well.  Some people prefer to fuse only one side but fusing both makes your piece a lot more stable.

Next you want to attach your barrette.  Hot glue is your friend here.  Make sure that you hold your bow securely so that the glue can squish down into the holes, giving it a firmer hold.

Once the bow is firmly attached you can decorate your clip any way you want.  You can see in my first picture that I chose to add a clay piece to the center of mine.  This is completely optional.  You can add anything you want or leave it plain the way it is.  Some good ideas to add are rhinestones, buttons, talismans, etc.

And that's all there is to it!  Experiment with different colors and different decorations to make a truly one of a kind piece.  Happy Crafting!

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