Not your average Yule tree...

In our front yard we have a huge tree that every year dumps truckloads of leaves all over the yard and front walkway (and street, and our cars, and our neighbors yard...).  This year one limb went nuts and grew to the point that even I was hitting my head on it and I'm only 5'4.  So it had to come down.

Instead of just cutting it up and tossing it I decided to give it a new life in the house!  I stripped all of the leaves off (cause no way was I dealing with them INSIDE too) and trimmed about a foot off of the bottom so it fit in the space.  I had every intention of painting it but when we put it in the corner to size it I fell in love with the natural color and decided to keep it.  Now I have two cans of spray paint unused in the garage.  Huzzah for another painting project in the future!

We added some fiber optic lights that we bought at Ikea a few years back and the Tesserae that were handed out by the ADF Grove of the Rising Phoenix two years ago.  Our intention is to decorate it to correspond with the sabbats.

We tried all manner of things to get this beast to stand in a pot.  Sand, rocks, and even considered a flour/water/glue combination that we read about online.  While any of these may have worked, they would not have worked for us.  We have a four year old and a one year old who would just JUMP at the opportunity to play with sand, rocks, or paste regardless of how many times they were told not to.  In the end we took some cream colored embroidery floss and anchored it to the wall.  The base is covered anyway to keep the kids off (yea right) so the pot wasn't really necessary. 

All in all a fun project and a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors.  Plus it made me feel a little less guilty for cutting an entire limb off of the tree, regardless of how much it needed to be done.

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