The Way of the Cauldron

This week's submission was sent in by Amber Allen, the winner of last month's Mystery Box contest.

The Way of the Cauldron
by Amber Allen

Come to my Cauldron says the beautiful Witch
Where I can teach healing and love

Where stones ring out in harmony
Where the feathers are gifts from above
Come to my Cauldron says the intuitive Witch
Where the Tarot calls you by name
Where the Pendulum swings for the words
Where the astrology signs from your birth lay claim
Come to my Cauldron says the Green Witch
Where the plants are your friends and help you learn
Where the incense fills your soul with light and peace
Where a stream will give you the tranquility you yearn
Come to my Cauldron says the Familiar Witch
Where the animals give you protection from the dark
Where the familiars watch over you and protect you
Where the wise ones guide you to create the living spark
 Come to my Cauldron says the ancient Witch
 Where I can teach you spells and to hear the Earth's voice
 Where the Moon has great power and Silence is an art
 Where candles dance and your path is your choice   
 Make your Cauldron says The Great Mother
 Where you can talk to me with your inner mind
 Where you can use all you have learned my blessed child

 Where you can do good unto others and they to you in kind  

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