Celeste | iOS App Review

This week on Friday Favorites we're talking about an iOS app, Celeste by Astrolabe.  This used to be a paid app but now it's free in the app store.

If you are into astrology at all then this is definitely the app for you.  Set it with your location and every time you open it it will give you information about the location and associations of the planets. 

The part about it that I love is that you can input any date, time, and place and it will give you a full comprehensive chart for that moment.  For example, I put in a random birthdate:

And it brings up not only a visual chart but also detailed information for every point on it:

Definitely a must-have for on-the-fly astrology work.  

Now I don't have an Android so I can't speak for any charting apps for that platform.  Anyone know of something comparable?

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