DIY Fairy Circle Kite

Wicca appeals to little kids on so many levels due to its mysticism and magick.  One being that children really identify with is the fairy.  Small winged creatures who flit about in the garden or around the home hold an almost tangible appeal to a child.  This week's craft is meant to enhance that sense of wonder.

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The fairy circle is a natural occurrence in nature as a ring of mushrooms growing in the wild.  British folklore tells that these circles are make by the dancing of the fairies.  The Fairy Circle Kite keeps with this tradition in that it is a wonderful addition to a child's play or dance.

For this project you'll need the following items:

A ring (I bought a set of clear plastic shower curtain rings for a dollar!)
Ribbon in varying colors
Washi tape or flower tape (if desired)

Begin by making sure that your ring is securely closed.  If you're using a solid ring then obviously you won't need to take this step.  But I got halfway done covering mine before I realized that it was closed but hadn't "locked" into place fully.  If you are wanting to cover your ring now is the time to get started.  Flower and washi tape both stick to itself so this was a fantastic choice for covering the ring.  In fact, the flower tape that I used make the ring smoother than it had been before I covered it!

It is completely up to you what type and length of ribbon you want to use.  I do suggest using ribbon that is 1/4" or less wide though.  Anything wider than that makes it difficult to work with and doesn't produce as nice of a result.  I used seven strands of ribbon to create mine.  Remember also to cut your ribbon twice as long as you want your tails to be since it will be folded in half in the next step.

For this step I chose to knot my ribbon over the bulk of the shower curtain ring where it connected under the flower tape to give the whole piece a more uniform appearance.  You'll want to fold one ribbon in half, put the center of the ribbon under the ring and pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop, making a single knot over the ring.

The next part is a bit trickier to explain.  Take one of the ribbon ends and push it through the slip knot that you just made like in this next picture:

Then, using the two ends of the ribbon, tie two single knots on top of one another (a double knot, basically) to firmly secure the ribbon to the ring.

Add your ribbons in whatever order you choose, just make sure that they are all close together.

And that's it!  These can be used by kids as a visual aid in raising energy or just for fun.  They encourage movement because it is by the wind moving through them that you really get to see them dance.  I gave mine to my four year old and let him be the judge:

 I think he likes it. :)  Happy crafting!

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