Crafty Monday: Litha Wreath

With Litha just around the corner I decided to make a new wreath for our home in honor of the midsummer holiday.

Out here in the Arizona desert the climate and environment doesn't offer much in the way of green grass or summer leaves unless it's artificially planted.  So my wreath is a combination of yellows and oranges to reflect that.  But of course you can make yours in any colors you'd like.

Things you'll need:

Fabric - One yard was almost perfect
Decorations - I used extra resin pieces that I had lying around.  Also some fabric butterflies that I found at the dollar store
Glue gun
Pool Noodle
Duct or packing tape

I read on Pinterest awhile back about saving money on wreaths by forming the base from a pool noodle rather than spending an outrageous amount for a premade base.  I thought I'd give it a go with this project.

Cut the noodle to the length you want your wreath to be.  You'll notice
right away that the noodle just doesn't want to make a circle.  It will bend and kink rather than make a smooth shape.  The way I found to get around this was to manhandle it into submission.  Bend it, twist it, basically loosen the entire thing up.  Eventually it will be flexible enough to form a circle.  At that point join the two ends and tape them together.  I used packing tape and it worked quite well though the original pin called for duct tape.  I put a few layers of tape on just to make sure that it would hold and not pop apart later.

This next step is completely optional, depending on the look you are going for but I chose to cover my wreath with fabric because I didn't want any of the noodle showing through.  To do this I cut four inch wide strips of fabric and wrapped them around the noodle, securing them with hot glue.

Now for the overall style of my wreath I wanted that bunchy fabric look so I cut the rest of my fabric into strips about 3 inches wide and set to work gluing them down.

Once I had gotten all the way around I wasn't really happy with how it looked.  It was a little sparse.  So I added another row of bunchy fabric on the outside edge and one on the inside edge to give it more bulk and fluff.

Now comes the really fun part.  You can decorate it any way you want!  I chose little fabric butterflies, God and Goddess faces that were left over from previous projects, ribbon, etc.  The center star I made simply by gluing ribbon strips along the inside of the ring.

Once you've got the front how you like it it's time to attach a ribbon to the back so that it can hang.  I chose a simple strip of sheer red ribbon and hot glued it in place.  Make sure you bulk this glue up a bit so that it has a very secure hold and give it a bit of time to dry fully before you try to hang the wreath.

And that's it!  You can make just the one or you can make eight (one for each sabbat) as I plan to do.  Happy crafting!

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