Perler Bead Captain America

I know I just did a perler bead tutorial not long ago but I fell in love with this idea and just had to make it happen.  When I was younger my favorite Nintendo game was Mega Man II.  *cough* it still is *cough*.

When my second son was born we did his room all up in superheroes since my husband is a major fan.  So when I saw this guy I just HAD to do it.

How cute is that??

So as before, you'll need a square pegboard and red, black, blue, and white perler beads.  Both can be found in nearly any craft store or you can find them online.  Also you'll need a household iron and ironing paper (which is usually included with the perler beads).

When creating the pattern you can do the entire outline first or go line by line.  With this guy, since he's so big, I chose to work mostly line by line or in small sections.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you'll have room on the sides to fit the entire pattern on the pegboard.  The wing on his helmet is the starting point if you're starting from the top but his left leg sticks out further behind him.  Had I started the helmet at the edge of the board I would have had to start over when I got down further.

One thing that makes this project easier is to either sort your beads into separate colors ahead of time or to just buy the colors individually.  As you can see by the pile in the top of the picture I don't do that.  And every time I make something I grumble to myself about it.

All done!
When you are placing all of your beads don't worry if your beads don't look quite right.  With large pieces like this one you have to take a step back to see the design right before it's fused.  Especially if you've been hunched over it for over an hour while you place the beads down.

Once you're all done it's time for the iron.  I put mine on the cotton setting with no steam.  Once it is heated up you'll want to cover your design with the ironing paper.  Failure to do this will result in melted plastic beads stuck all over your iron.  Not that I've ever done that or anything...

Don't leave the iron on the design for very long.  Check it every few seconds to see if the beads are all fused.  It's really easy to tell, you can see them adhere to the paper.

Once they are all fused, let your design cool for a few minutes before carefully peeling the paper back.  If any beads aren't properly fused just lay the paper down and give it another go with the iron.  When it's all done take it off of the pegboard and turn it over.  Cover the backside with the ironing paper and do the same on this side.  Ironing both sides gives your piece a lot more stability than just doing one side.

And there you have it!  I used a command strip to hang him on the wall in my son's room with all of his framed comic books that we bought at ComiCon while I was pregnant.

Good luck and happy crafting!

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