Daughters of the Moon Tarot Review

Today I want to introduce the Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan. 

 I was introduced to this deck in 1998 by a friend who was very into women's studies.  At the time it was the first tarot deck that I had seen that wasn't in the traditional playing card shape.  Plus at over five inches across I could barely hold them in my hands.

DotM is built a bit different from a standard deck in that it contains "Aether" cards which somewhat represent the cards found in the Major Arcana.  The rest of the cards have been divided into the suits of Flames, Cups, Pentacles, and Blades.  Also instead of a traditional Page, Knight, Queen, and King there instead are Maiden, Mother, and Crone cards.

This deck is based heavily on women and female empowerment.  The only two men featured in the deck are on optional cards such as this one:

Both of these cards are labeled "Aphrodite - The Lovers" and only one is necessary in your deck.  I keep both in mine and interpret them as masculine and feminine love.

This deck doesn't sing to me the way some of my others do but I keep it in my repertoire for clients who are very women based such as Dianic practitioners.  But the artwork is lovely (though there is nudity spread tastefully throughout the deck) and the way that the cards are interpreted (the tilt of the image carries meaning) is definitely intriguing.

This deck can be purchased here though often this deck does NOT include the guidebook, which must be purchased separately.


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