Enchanted Oracle/Destiny's Portal Tarot Review

Third in my personal tarot arsenal is the Enchanted Oracle/Destiny's Portal Tarot by Barbara Moore with illustrations from Jessica Galbreth.

The package comes with the deck itself, the guidebook, a silver organza carrying bag, and a small fairy charm that can be used as either a pendant or a pendulum.  My first impression of this deck was that it was absolutely gorgeous.  The illustrations are stunning and the guidebook is very easy to understand and to navigate.  

As I have noticed with most oracle decks, the Enchanted Oracle isn't necessarily good for yes/no type questions.  It is much, much more effective for seeking counsel in regards to situations or circumstances.  The guidebook even states that in instances where a yes/no is required that it is best to use the fairy charm as a pendulum to divine the answer.  

Each card is recreated in the guidebook as a black and white image with all of its information on the next two pages, making it much easier to identify the card in question at a quick glance.  For each card there is a description of the fae chosen as its representative as well as an easy to understand Oracle Message which gets to the heart of the reading.  

The guidebook also states that this deck is most effective as a "one card spread" deck and it certainly is.  It is wonderful when used each morning to draw one card as a guide throughout your day.  It is a bit more tricky when used in "traditional" spreads since each card is very definite and stands just fine on its own.  Interpreting them together requires some skill.  Also since there is no arcana in this deck you can't rely on previous tarot knowledge to help you get acquainted with it.  This deck is its own entity and really demands to be treated as such.  I tend to find it extremely flexible though when used together with other decks.  Especially other oracle decks.

This deck was originally purchased by my husband as it sang very loud to him in the store.  However with the pendulum being his oracle of choice it was passed on to me about a year or so ago.  I don't get to use it as often as I would like though when I do I absolutely love it.  Mine was purchased at Barnes and Noble in Scottsdale, Arizona but you can find it on Amazon here.

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