Elemental Tarot for Kids

Last year I was interviewed by Miss Karin of The Pagan Homeschool Network.  Afterward she gave me this:

Whaaat?  A tarot deck just for KIDS?!  The Elemental Tarot for Kids by Rayne Store was the coolest thing I'd ever seen!  I opened the box and was just amazed at the detail and thought that went into its creation.  The cards are big and the pictures are bold and colorful.  The text is easy to read and large for children who are just learning to do so.

Every card has its name at the top and its basic meaning on the bottom, making it a wonderful tool for helping kids memorize the meaning of each card.  

The deck is split into five parts: the major arcana, earth, air, water, and fire.  Each section is easily identifiable by the border color of the card.  The major arcana are white, earth are green, air yellow, water blue, and fire is red.  Each image clearly shows the card's title, making it useful for even preschool children as flashcards!

Also included in the box are several cards that teach not only different tarot spreads but also tarot ethics, instructions, and the order of the cards.  They can be kept with the deck for quick reference since they are of the same size and material.

Also included is a 96 page companion book.  It differs from regular tarot guidebooks in that you can plainly see that it was created with children in mind.  It has puzzles, quizzes, and exercises designed to help children get more acquainted and comfortable with not just this deck but tarot in general.

I absolutely recommend this set to anyone with children who show an interest in divination.  I plan to introduce it to my older son this year when he starts preschool.  To get a set for yourself you can either visit Rayne Storm's website here or simply hop on Amazon here.

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