Once a fan, always embarrassed by it...

Alright, I feel like I need to try to justify the unjustifiable in this week's picture.  Yes, it's that bad.  When I was in fifth grade I (like so many of my peers) went through a Corey Feldman phase.  My best friend Stacy was going through a similar Corey Haim phase.  One day we decided that we were tired of waiting.  We were going to send them foxy pictures of ourselves.  What we expected to happen beyond that remains a mystery though I think it was something out of a MASH game.

So this happened.
Apparently tossing on a string of $2.00 plastic pearls and ugly yellow bracelet along with my unruly butch haircut and blue tank top with no shoes is what passed for "foxy" in those days.  I don't have Stacy's picture anymore but I see it clearly in my head.  An equally as awkward fifth grader with long, stick-straight brown hair wearing an oversized black t-shirt with a gigantic "Z" on the front.  That's Z Cavaricci to you.

Trust me, I'm marginally more fashion conscious now.  I'm not saying I wouldn't sport $2.00 plastic beads but I definitely wouldn't do it with that haircut...

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