Archetype Cards

Of all the decks in my repertoire, the Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss are the most useful yet the hardest to use.

I bought this deck quite a few years ago and have used it since.  The deck contains a whopping 74 cards , making it easily the largest deck I own.  Each card represents a different archetype.  They range from common (warrior, hero, king, mother) to obscure (Don Juan, Alchemist, Femme Fatale) and each has a listed Light and Shadow attribute.  Also included are a guidebook and six blank cards so that you can add others that you discover to your deck.

Though it is technically an oracle deck it just doesn't read that way to me.  I am completely unable to do a full spread reading with these cards.  Even so, I use them nearly every time I do a reading, especially if it is for a new client.  Before any other cards are drawn I (or the client) draw one to two cards from this deck to represent their current state of being or frame of mind in regards to the situation at hand.  It has proven invaluable for interpreting the rest of the cards that my other decks reveal in the spread.  Because it showcases both the good and the bad within the archetype I am able to more accurately read for the client (or for myself) by coming from a voice of that archetype.

This deck may not be for everyone but it is very flexible which is one of the things I love about it.  It can also reveal pieces of your character that you either weren't aware of or had forgotten about.  You can pick up your own copy from Amazon here.

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