DIY: How To Make A Pentacle Dreamcatcher

The legend of the Ojibwe people tells the story of the Spider Woman who took care of all of the children of the land.  As the Ojibwe migrated throughout North America it became difficult for Asibikaashi (as she was known) to reach all of the children.  To assist her, the mothers and grandmothers of the children created loops of willow and used plant cordage or sinew to create a web within the hoop.  These dreamcatchers would capture all bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to linger.  It is said that the sun's rays destroy any negative thoughts or dreams that the dreamcatcher caught during the night.  
DIY Dreamcatcher pentacle

Ribbon in colors of your choosing
Base loop of your choosing
Scotch tape or glue gun
Accessories that strike your fancy

To begin, you will want a solid loop as a starting base.  I found these 3" steel hoops in a package of six at Hobby Lobby for less than three dollars.  Small embroidery hoops can also be used, as well as a variety of other materials.

To begin you'll want to secure your ribbon to your loop so it won't slip off.  I used a small strip of scotch tape though a dab of hot glue would work well also.  Wrap your ribbon around the entire circle until it overlaps your starting point.

To secure the ribbon just do a simple single knot.  Make sure that you don't cut the extra ribbon afterward.

how to make a dreamcatcher

Now you'll want to create the loop that the dreamcatcher will hang from.  To do this, make a loop from your remaining ribbon and wrap the tail around the base of it, tying another knot.

The ribbon pulling the knot tight will be pulled to the side.

I went ahead and added another knot to make sure that the loop was secure before I cut the extra ribbon off.  

Now it's time to create the pentacle.  You can do this with the same color ribbon or choose a new color altogether.  I chose yellow for this one since my theme for it was "fire".  

Secure the ribbon to the base of the loop with a few more knots.  Then you'll want to pull it down, forming the first line of the pentacle.

Loop it around the hoop and secure it with (yet another) single knot.

Now pull he ribbon up to create the second line of the star.  

Loop the ribbon around the hoop and tie another knot to hold it in place.  You want to make sure that the ribbon is taut within the circle.

Continue the process until you have completed five lines and arrived back at the top where the loop is.  

Tie the last knot securely before cutting the remaining ribbon.  And that's it!  You can choose to add feathers, beads, loose ribbon, anything your mind can create.  Don't get discouraged as you begin work on this project, it took me a few tries to get it how I wanted it.
Happy Crafting!
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