What's In A Name?

I have two dogs and one cat.  My dog's names are Linus and Vychene (pronounced Vashenny) and my cat's name is Malice.  In my house you will hear the following names being called when speaking to or about the pets:
Mocha Chello Dello
Fatty She
Chelly Delly

I don't know why but I almost never call people or animals by their given names.  I give pet names and nicknames to EVERYTHING.

This picture is me and my first dog.  My grandmother took me to the pound to rescue a dog there and this is the one we came home with.  His name was Peanut.  But I called him Boi Noi Nutter.  It started that early.

No one is immune.  I don't call my husband David unless I'm talking to someone else about him.  My kids have more nicknames than my dogs.

Maybe I'm just weird...

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