Full Moon Spell

Corn Moon

This moon phase carries on the associations of grain and rebirth that we saw at Lammas. Native Americans and early settlers called the August Full Moon the Corn Moon as it was a time of giving thanks to Mother Earth. Corn was the focus of early harvest celebrations and considered the "seed of seeds" and giver of life. All the products from corn can be considered holy. (Fact: At least 2500 products are made using corn.) Cornmeal, pollen, husks, and ears of corn were all used in fertility and prosperity magic. Corn Moon is a great time to do a ritual of giving thanks to Mother Earth. The best place to do this is in a field, if at all possible.

Colors: Yellow, red, orange
Gemstones: Tigers eye, carnelian, garnet, red agate
Trees: Cedar and hazel
Deity: Vulcan, Mars, Nemesis, Hecate, Cybele, Hathor, Thoth, Persephone
Herbs: Rosemary, basil, rue, chamomile, St John's Wort
Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Animal: Salmon
Alternate names: Grain Moon, Barley Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon

Harness the Corn Moon's fiery energy for your ritual and spell work. This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It's the time to harvest what you can now to put aside for later use. Harvesting requires sacrifice though. What sacrifices can you make today that will benefit you further down the road?  Spellwork and rituals for enthusiasm and getting rid of shame are suggested during this time.

Corn Moon

Giving Thanks Ritual

Earthenware dish            Cornmeal

Corn Moon magic should be a simple ritual of giving thanks to Mother Earth. In doing so, you’ll create positive karma that will return blessings to you. On the night of the Corn Moon, stand outside in a field if possible. Carry an earthenware dish filled with cornmeal. Raise it to the Full Moon then lower it to the Earth.

Solemnly sprinkle the corn meal on the ground and speak the following words:

From seed to plant,
From plant to blossom,
From blossom to harvest,
I thank you, Mother Earth.

When done, be aware of the August night as the Moon casts a mellow glow over a land of plenty. Listen to the katydid scratching at the darkness. Smell the ripeness of summer’s end. And silently thank the ancient ones who gave us corn, the symbol of life itself.

Properties of Planets

Here are the listed attributes for the planets as they appear on the planetary hour calendars.  Very helpful for spellwriting.

Masculine, full of vitality.  It has determination yet much kindness.  It has a lot of heart and is capable of great love.  An authority figure, moving ever forward.

                Key Words:  Self-expression.  Vitality.
                Associations:  Creativity, Fatherhood, Children, Games, Royalty.
                Physical:  Heart, Spine.
                Positive Traits:  Affectionate, creative, generous, love of children, love of life, quiet dignity.
                Negative Traits:  Arrogant, overbearing, condescending, domineering.

Feminine, very sensitive, emotional,, domestic, love of water.
            Key Words:  Instinctive, Fluxuation, Responsive.
Association:  Emotional Disturbance, Memory, Home, Family, Patriotism, Public  Welfare.
Physical:  Birth, Motherhood, Digestion, Stomach, Breasts, Sympathetic Nervous System, Bodily Fluids.
Positive Traits:  Patient, Shrewd, Tenacious, Imaginative, Good Memory, Maternal.
Negative Traits:  Moody, Changeable, Unreliable, Gullible, Narrow-Minded, Unforgiving.

 Quick-witted, extremely active mind, good for research, explorations, analysis, judgment, writers, teachers, orators. 
                 Key Words:  Communication.
                Association:  Travel, Mental Perception.
                Physical:  Brain, Intellect, Nervous System, Respiratory System.
    Positive Traits:  Desire to learn and teach, Versatility, Perception, Reasoning Powers, Intellectual.
    Negative Traits:  Inconsistent, Argumentative, Sarcastic, Cynical, Hyper-Critical.

 Very feminine, very connected with love, friendship, physical attraction.
            Key Words:  Harmony.
Association:  Feminine influence, Money, Partnership, Possessions, The Arts, Beauty, Clothing, Fashion, Feeding, Peace making, Pleasure, Musicians, Jewelers, Actors, Tailors, Artists, Nurses.
            Physical:  Throat, Kidneys, Lumbar Region, Parathyroid, Feelings (esp love).
Positive Traits:  Kind and gentle, Appreciative of beauty, Lover, Tactful, Adaptable, Placid.
Negative Traits:  Excessively Romantic, Effusive, Impractical, Indecisive, Parasitical.

Action with great energy and courage.  May be brutal and jealous.  Frequently the cause of sexual problems.
            Key Words:  Energy, Initiative.
Association:  Action, Masculinity, Aggression, Weapons and tools, Soldiers, Surgeons, Sportsmen, Craftsmen.
            Physical:  Adrenals, Kidneys, Urogenital, Red Blood Corpuscle, Muscles.
            Positive Traits:  Defends the weak, Decisive, Responsive, Pioneering, Freedom-Loving.
Negative Traits:  Selfish, Over-aggressive, Brutal, Unthinking, Quarrelsome, Rude.

 Inhibited, persevering, cautious, often frustrated, taciturn, reserved.
            Key Words:  Limitation.
Association:  Tenacity, Slow Change, Inhibition, Restriction, Intolerance, Law, Mining, Printing, Dentistry, Building, Real Estate, Second-Hand Goods, Agriculture, Death.
            Physical:  Skin, Bones, Teeth, Gall-Bladder, Spleen.
Positive Traits:  Cautious, Practical, Thrifty, Reliable, Self-Disciplined, Patient.
                Negative Traits:  Selfish, Dogmatic, Depressing, Aloof.

Harmony, education, law, morals and religion.
            Key Words:  Expansion
Association:  Truth, Knowledge, Religion, Education, Languages, Foreign Countries, Faith, Book Publication, Philosophy, Good Humor, Learning Through Reading, Bankers, Judges, Ecclesiastics.
            Physical:  Pituitary Gland, Liver.
Positive Traits:  Generous, Optimistic, Loyal, Just, Compassionate, Sports, Languages.

Negative Traits:  Self-Indulgent, Extravagant, Conceited, Overly Optimistic, Extremist.

Orbs and Their Meanings

Many cultures and pagan denominations believe that the presence of orbs signify the presence of spiritual beings or energy.  Oftentimes however people with see small circles of light in photographs and immediately jump to a spiritual conclusion when in fact it could very well be light bouncing off of any number of sources, particularly if you are using a camera's flash feature.

That is not to say that true orbs have not been caught on film however.  It is a phenomena that happens quite frequently!  However the truest and most believable photographs are the ones taken without a flash since this negates the idea that light is bouncing from an artificial source.

Orbs can also be seen in a variety of colors.  An interesting theory is that the color the orb appears suggests its nature or intent:

Definitely an interesting take on color magic in relation to floating energy or spirits!

Easy Beginner Spell

Like most budding witches in the 1990's I learned a lot about solitary practice from the works of Silver RavenWolf.  One of the first spells that I tried was one that she had included in one of her books.  It was a spell to raise the winds.  With air being the element that I have always identified with I was eager to try out this spell.  

And it worked every time I tried it.

Spotlight Saturday: Amber Allen

Dance in the Everlasting Moonlight
By Amber Allen

 Dance in the everlasting Moonlight  
  Feel its wonderful gaze upon you 
  The Magic is all around the power is wild 
  Falling rays are inviting and a vibrant blue 
   Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
   Lift your arms high to her smiling face    
  Move to the beat of the pounding drums 
                   Sway your hips and spin around with grace                 
    Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
    Bow your head to received her abundance
    Let the child within take hold and laugh
    Be filled with love and taste the indulgence 
    Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
   Worship at the alter of the divine 
   This ancient place of sacred Gods 
             Melting with and in you for all time      


Magical Symbols

Symbols and symbolism are a huge part of any earth-based practitioner's arsenal.  Symbols can be used to infuse energy by means of inscribing them onto candles, leaves, spell pages, etc.  They can be used to draw energy when painted or drawn on the body, on stones, or on talismans, etc.  Below is a guide of several symbols used in modern pagansim as well as symbols representing certain paths or faiths.

magical symbols religious symbols

Necronomicon Tarot Review

For this week we're going to delve into the darkest deck in my tarot arsenal: The Necronomicon Tarot by Donald Tyson and Anne Stokes.

When I say this deck is dark, I really mean it.  There isn't a lot of "fluff" here.  If you're looking for a gentle way to break the truth this is not it.  These cards explore very sinister themes with bold clarity. 

The 78 cards are very colorful with amazing artwork.  They are very slick however so you have to be a bit more vigilant when handling them or you'll lose a few.  The package contains the deck, a black organza carrying bag, and the guidebook as well as two extra cards that explain the elemental associations of the cards.

Each suit tells a different story.  The suit of wands is the civil war between the Atlanteans and the Deep Ones.  The swords tell of old Damascus and of jealousy, revenge, and violence.  The discs tell the tale of a necromancer and his attempts to compel a deceased woman to reveal the location of a mysterious strongbox.  And finally the cups speak of an acolyte who joins the cult of Bast.

The major arcana are gorgeous on their own.  Each one represents a god, devil, or monster present in H. P. Lovecraft's writings:

0 Fool - Azothoth

1 Magician Nyarlathotep
2 High Priestess - Bast
3 Empress - Shug-Niggurath
4 Emperor - Amun
5 Hierophant - Dagon
6 Lovers - Deep One & Bride
7 Chariot - Beast of Babylon
8 Strength - Shoggoth 
9 Hermit - I'thakuah 
10 Wheel - Yog Sothoth 
11 Justice - Spawn in Sphere
12 Hanged Man - Well of the Seraph
13 Death - Tsathoggua 
14 Temperance - Reanimators
15 Devil - Cthulhu
16 Tower - Great Ziggurat
17 Star - Ishtar
18 Moon - Hounds of Leng
19 Sun - The Empty Space 
20 Judgement - Guardian of Eden 
21 World - Yig 

I'll be honest in saying that I don't use this deck very often.  I rarely have a client who chooses it and at times it can be a bit brutal even for a personal reading.  I do have a lot of respect for this deck which is probably why I don't use it very often.  It doesn't give you vague answers or false hope.  It tells it like it is and there's really not a lot of room for interpretation unless you're REALLY digging for it.