Friday Favorites: Pooka Pages

As I've mentioned several times in the past; finding quality pagan information and crafts that are kid-centric is a real pain to do even though the resources ARE out there.  One of the best in my opinion is The Pooka Pages.

This website is everything a pagan child website should be.  It's easy to read, has lots of great pictures, a ton of kid-friendly information, recipes, coloring pages, the works.  And it's all sorted into very easy to understand categories with pictures so that kids can easily navigate.

My favorite part about the website is the section on sabbats.  Kids love celebrations and they love magic and mysticism.  Each sabbat has an easy to understand history, recipes, crafts, coloring pages, and simple spells to try, each related to the particular sabbat.  My family has used a number of them in our own celebrations!

I really can't say enough good things about this website.  Check it out and prepare to be blown away by how much hard work you can see that she put into it.  Find it by clicking the logo up top or just click here.

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