Necronomicon Tarot Review

For this week we're going to delve into the darkest deck in my tarot arsenal: The Necronomicon Tarot by Donald Tyson and Anne Stokes.

When I say this deck is dark, I really mean it.  There isn't a lot of "fluff" here.  If you're looking for a gentle way to break the truth this is not it.  These cards explore very sinister themes with bold clarity. 

The 78 cards are very colorful with amazing artwork.  They are very slick however so you have to be a bit more vigilant when handling them or you'll lose a few.  The package contains the deck, a black organza carrying bag, and the guidebook as well as two extra cards that explain the elemental associations of the cards.

Each suit tells a different story.  The suit of wands is the civil war between the Atlanteans and the Deep Ones.  The swords tell of old Damascus and of jealousy, revenge, and violence.  The discs tell the tale of a necromancer and his attempts to compel a deceased woman to reveal the location of a mysterious strongbox.  And finally the cups speak of an acolyte who joins the cult of Bast.

The major arcana are gorgeous on their own.  Each one represents a god, devil, or monster present in H. P. Lovecraft's writings:

0 Fool - Azothoth

1 Magician Nyarlathotep
2 High Priestess - Bast
3 Empress - Shug-Niggurath
4 Emperor - Amun
5 Hierophant - Dagon
6 Lovers - Deep One & Bride
7 Chariot - Beast of Babylon
8 Strength - Shoggoth 
9 Hermit - I'thakuah 
10 Wheel - Yog Sothoth 
11 Justice - Spawn in Sphere
12 Hanged Man - Well of the Seraph
13 Death - Tsathoggua 
14 Temperance - Reanimators
15 Devil - Cthulhu
16 Tower - Great Ziggurat
17 Star - Ishtar
18 Moon - Hounds of Leng
19 Sun - The Empty Space 
20 Judgement - Guardian of Eden 
21 World - Yig 

I'll be honest in saying that I don't use this deck very often.  I rarely have a client who chooses it and at times it can be a bit brutal even for a personal reading.  I do have a lot of respect for this deck which is probably why I don't use it very often.  It doesn't give you vague answers or false hope.  It tells it like it is and there's really not a lot of room for interpretation unless you're REALLY digging for it.


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