Properties of Planets

Here are the listed attributes for the planets as they appear on the planetary hour calendars.  Very helpful for spellwriting.

Masculine, full of vitality.  It has determination yet much kindness.  It has a lot of heart and is capable of great love.  An authority figure, moving ever forward.

                Key Words:  Self-expression.  Vitality.
                Associations:  Creativity, Fatherhood, Children, Games, Royalty.
                Physical:  Heart, Spine.
                Positive Traits:  Affectionate, creative, generous, love of children, love of life, quiet dignity.
                Negative Traits:  Arrogant, overbearing, condescending, domineering.

Feminine, very sensitive, emotional,, domestic, love of water.
            Key Words:  Instinctive, Fluxuation, Responsive.
Association:  Emotional Disturbance, Memory, Home, Family, Patriotism, Public  Welfare.
Physical:  Birth, Motherhood, Digestion, Stomach, Breasts, Sympathetic Nervous System, Bodily Fluids.
Positive Traits:  Patient, Shrewd, Tenacious, Imaginative, Good Memory, Maternal.
Negative Traits:  Moody, Changeable, Unreliable, Gullible, Narrow-Minded, Unforgiving.

 Quick-witted, extremely active mind, good for research, explorations, analysis, judgment, writers, teachers, orators. 
                 Key Words:  Communication.
                Association:  Travel, Mental Perception.
                Physical:  Brain, Intellect, Nervous System, Respiratory System.
    Positive Traits:  Desire to learn and teach, Versatility, Perception, Reasoning Powers, Intellectual.
    Negative Traits:  Inconsistent, Argumentative, Sarcastic, Cynical, Hyper-Critical.

 Very feminine, very connected with love, friendship, physical attraction.
            Key Words:  Harmony.
Association:  Feminine influence, Money, Partnership, Possessions, The Arts, Beauty, Clothing, Fashion, Feeding, Peace making, Pleasure, Musicians, Jewelers, Actors, Tailors, Artists, Nurses.
            Physical:  Throat, Kidneys, Lumbar Region, Parathyroid, Feelings (esp love).
Positive Traits:  Kind and gentle, Appreciative of beauty, Lover, Tactful, Adaptable, Placid.
Negative Traits:  Excessively Romantic, Effusive, Impractical, Indecisive, Parasitical.

Action with great energy and courage.  May be brutal and jealous.  Frequently the cause of sexual problems.
            Key Words:  Energy, Initiative.
Association:  Action, Masculinity, Aggression, Weapons and tools, Soldiers, Surgeons, Sportsmen, Craftsmen.
            Physical:  Adrenals, Kidneys, Urogenital, Red Blood Corpuscle, Muscles.
            Positive Traits:  Defends the weak, Decisive, Responsive, Pioneering, Freedom-Loving.
Negative Traits:  Selfish, Over-aggressive, Brutal, Unthinking, Quarrelsome, Rude.

 Inhibited, persevering, cautious, often frustrated, taciturn, reserved.
            Key Words:  Limitation.
Association:  Tenacity, Slow Change, Inhibition, Restriction, Intolerance, Law, Mining, Printing, Dentistry, Building, Real Estate, Second-Hand Goods, Agriculture, Death.
            Physical:  Skin, Bones, Teeth, Gall-Bladder, Spleen.
Positive Traits:  Cautious, Practical, Thrifty, Reliable, Self-Disciplined, Patient.
                Negative Traits:  Selfish, Dogmatic, Depressing, Aloof.

Harmony, education, law, morals and religion.
            Key Words:  Expansion
Association:  Truth, Knowledge, Religion, Education, Languages, Foreign Countries, Faith, Book Publication, Philosophy, Good Humor, Learning Through Reading, Bankers, Judges, Ecclesiastics.
            Physical:  Pituitary Gland, Liver.
Positive Traits:  Generous, Optimistic, Loyal, Just, Compassionate, Sports, Languages.

Negative Traits:  Self-Indulgent, Extravagant, Conceited, Overly Optimistic, Extremist.

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