Spotlight Saturday: Amber Allen

Dance in the Everlasting Moonlight
By Amber Allen

 Dance in the everlasting Moonlight  
  Feel its wonderful gaze upon you 
  The Magic is all around the power is wild 
  Falling rays are inviting and a vibrant blue 
   Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
   Lift your arms high to her smiling face    
  Move to the beat of the pounding drums 
                   Sway your hips and spin around with grace                 
    Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
    Bow your head to received her abundance
    Let the child within take hold and laugh
    Be filled with love and taste the indulgence 
    Dance in the everlasting Moonlight 
   Worship at the alter of the divine 
   This ancient place of sacred Gods 
             Melting with and in you for all time      


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