The Award Goes To...

This week we go way back to elementary school.  Fourth  or fifth grade, I don't remember which.  The occasion was Field Day.  A day where they let us out of class to compete in physical activities for prizes and recognition.

I didn't go through a period in elementary school where I was good at athletics.  I was a sit in the library with a book during recess sort of girl.  As such, Field Day was always torturous.  While other kids were doing pull-ups by the dozens I was allowed to do the "arm hang".  Where basically you hold on to the bar for as long as you can.

Somehow though I ended up winning a third place ribbon in the long jump.  Don't ask me how it happened.  Maybe the other kids thought the long jump was a wussy event so I only had to go up against the other wimpy kids.  Maybe the PE teachers took pity on me (I mean, look at that hair!).  Either way, I won a ribbon.

....and I still have it.  It's a badge of my first, last, and only award for a physical activity.  I need to get that thing mounted in an airtight frame.

It's sad to know that I peaked in elementary school.

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