A Morning Poem

Ode To My Coffee
by Chrissy Mazer

 The bags beneath my eyes are great
And sleep seems banned within this state
My kids refuse to let me doze
For sure they two are worthy foes
They finally close their eyes near dawn
Damn you little snuggly spawn
And now I’m up with eyes half dead
And a funky cloudiness in my head

But there’s aid for this weariness
This tilt within my own axis
The scent wafts in and perks me up
That richness in a Santa cup
A bit of creamer to add some zest
I carry it to my office nest
Inhale so deep and breathe its scent
Don’t know where my stir straw went

And that first taste, so wonderful
The strain in my eyes starts to dull
My hands grow warm in this tight grip
I stop to take another sip
Coffee, you’re a gift divine
You pull me from the borderline
I think I’ll have another cup
Aww crap now my husband’s up

…he’s gonna drink it all.

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