"Describe Your Perfect Autumn Day"

Out here in Arizona there isn't really an "autumn" to speak of.  We tend to go from scorching hot to "hey where'd all the leaves go?".

But we still celebrate Mabon every year, usually with the air conditioner still working full blast.  Here are a few of our past Mabon pictures:

Lochlan was born the day after Mabon in 2012

One thing I can't wait for is to experience my first autumn in Minnesota.  The pictures I've seen are simply breathtaking:

Gorgeous.  I'd love to experience an autumn that allows you to wear sleeves in October.  My kids practically got heatstroke last year while trick or treating since all of the store-bought costumes are designed with cool weather in mind so they were sweating their little butts off.

Eighteen more months.   Let's do this.

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