What a week!

Things that have happened in the last week:

  • Lochlan (1 year) came out of his bed covered in blood and gave me a heart attack.  (He was fine, he'd had a bloody nose in his sleep but my GOD there was a lot of it!)
  • Caleb (4 years) got his finger run over by one of the office chairs.  Three stitches and a hairline fracture of his fingertip.  Heart attack #2 for mommy.  Stitches came out this morning, he's been cleared.
  • David (Hubby) 's birthday.  He wanted firearms.  He got firearms (a pellet gun anyway).  We had fun yesterday out back target shooting.  He used his new toy, I used my compound bow.
  • First week of homeschool complete!
Things to do this week?  A lot.  Not the least of which  is that I need to launch the September contest for the Etsy shop.  That will likely happen tomorrow.  Caleb was supposed to start his sports program tomorrow morning but the city called and asked if they could change him since not enough kids were signed up for Tuesday mornings.  So he's going at 5 today.  Oh, there will be pictures.  Thank goodness they are starting with soccer so he stands less chance of hurting his finger again.  

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