Holiday Preparations

I admit it, I'm that person who STILL snail mails holiday cards.  I send out about 15-20 and get around 5-10 back from various sources.  Not only that but I save nearly every one we get.  I have cards from the mid 1990's when my cousins were learning to write.  I have one special card that I saved from my aunt before she passed away.  I have a hand-drawn Grinch who wishes us "Crappy Holidays" from my brother in law.

I just got my first holiday card of the season today from my friend Cathe.  She is such a talented crafter and sends me things all the time.  I just love her  =-).

This past Saturday I forced my guys to get dressed up so that I could take our photo for our 2014 card.  Doing this cost me a 200mm zoom lens due to my accidentally hitting the quick release switch plate on my tripod, sending my beloved Nikon and it's heavy-ass lens tumbling down.  Thank the gods the camera was unaffected but the lens...not so much.  I mourned its passing by purchasing a 35mm prime lens.  I like to mourn in style.

I can't believe that Yule is less than two weeks away.  I have all of my shopping done except for a few stocking stuffers and one piece that I need to hand-make.  Now I just have to sit back and wait for Amazon to deliver them all.  Have I mentioned how big a fan I am of online shopping?

On the 19th my girlfriend and I are taking our kids out to Glendale Glitters to see the lights and partake in the winter wonderland.  I still have to set a weekend to take the boys to zoolights.

I say, living in Phoenix is REALLY hectic in the winter!  The weather is finally nice enough to venture out so everything that can happen does!  I wonder if summers will be this way in Minnesota.

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