Lessons Learned

This is the busiest time of the year in my Etsy shop (as I'm sure it is for many others).  I know this.  I've been kept pretty busy for the past two/three weeks.  Earlier this week I sold my last pair of 6 X 6 vinyl signs:

All packaged up, my husband took them off to the post office.  He hadn't been gone fifteen minutes when I got a message from a new customer asking if I could please, please make her a pair.


I was sold out of the size she wanted so I offered to upgrade her to the 8 X 10 size at no extra cost.  After all, I should have kept up on my stock.  I had exactly two 8X10 blanks left.  I painted them and left them overnight to dry.

Next morning I adjusted the designs to fit the new dimensions and got them cut out and weeded.  The first sign was no problem at all:

But man, that second one.  I repainted it twice and each time the transfer tape pulled the paint off.  I have NO idea what was wrong with it that wasn't wrong with the first one but man, it was pissing me off.

So I concluded that it must be some sort of default in the blank.  Maybe some solvent or something got on it and wouldn't let the paint adhere correctly.  So I had my husband stop on his way home from work to pick me up a few more blanks.

Guess what.  They didn't have any.

The next morning (this morning) I left the house early to hunt more down and I couldn't find a single one ANYWHERE.  I finally contacted my customer and admitted that I wasn't able to fulfill her order as promised and would she be okay if I upgraded her further to a glass frame?

Thank the gods she was not only agreeable to this but also very, very understanding.  Even apologizing to ME for having a difficult order!

These are the customers you love and you treat right.

So I bought some nice plain frames and mounted black cardstock in them.  Then I set about the process of cutting more vinyl.  This time it went on beautifully and I have to say, they came out AMAZING.  Better than I ever expected!

I really, really hope she likes them.  I'm seriously considering redoing the ones I have hanging up!  With them framed like this you can change the background paper to any color you want!  That's perfect for a serial re-decorator like me!

So I've learned several lessons:  Always have plenty of product on hand during the busy season.  Always keep your customer up to speed on what's going on, even if the news isn't good.  And where there is a will there is a way.  And sometimes that way turns out even better than you hoped for!

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