Yule Celebration

It occurred to me this week that there are only about two weeks left until Yule.  Holy crap when did that happen??  This year our old coven is going to all be together at my house for the weekend.  I'm pretty excited about that.  One thing that we're going to do that we've done in the past is create Walnut Wishes.  

You basically take one walnut per participant and break them all in half.  This was my husband's job cause yeah, that's a crappy job.  Then I was in charge of peeling the innards out.  I don't care for walnuts so that was sort of a waste but you can save them to eat later.    

You'll need adhesive of some sort.  I found that hot glue works the best.  You'll also need slips of paper, writing instruments, lengths of ribbon, and school glue and glitter to decorate the outsides.  

What you do is have each participant write on the slip of paper what their wishes are for the coming year.  These papers are then rolled or folded up and sealed between two halves of the walnut shell using the hot glue.  It's also a good idea to attach the ribbon to hang them from at this point too.  You can glue it in place as you're gluing it closed.  Let it cool and then decorate the outside.  

After they are dry you hang them in your home (or on your tree) and leave them until New Year's Eve when you'll take them down and bury them outside.  

We did this once before and it went over very well so we're going to do it again.  It's a big hit with kids and I'm excited for Caleb to get to do it since he was a bit young last time!

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