Silhouette Cameo Stamp Kit Review

Last weekend I finally got my hands on a Silhouette Stamp Kit.  I'd been eyeing them for awhile in the craft store but always talked myself out of the purchase.  With the arrival of my birthday last weekend came a gift card to JoAnn's and I knew this was what I needed to get.

I'd done a fair amount of research before buying so I knew that the dye inks that I had on hand wouldn't work well.  So while I was there I picked up four different colors of pigment ink as well.  On sale too, woot!

So in the box you get three sheets of stamp material, the stamp cutting mat, one pad of black ink, three acrylic blocks onto which you stick your designs, an idea book (that wasn't really that fabulous), a CD that I have yet to use, and a digital download code for online content.

So first you want to pick out your design.  You definitely want to keep in mind that you're going to have to hand-place the material once it's cut.  Too many small pieces are a lot harder to realign than a solid image.

Once you settle on your image (which you don't need to mirror at this point) then you want to cut out a piece of stamp material just a bit bigger than your design.  Make sure you pull the white protective cover off of your mat before you place the stamp material down.

You don't need to stretch the material (and you really don't want to or you'll end up with a distorted design).  Just let it lay flat and make sure there are no air bubbles trapped under it.  I didn't really find this to be an issue all thanks to the little air holes all over the mat.

Make sure you select "Stamp Material" and "Stamp Mat" in the cut settings on the Cameo before you start cutting.  It suggests that you put your blade on 9.  the first one I tried to make didn't go so well...

I knew right away that it wasn't the settings, it was my blade.  I'd had it for awhile and knew it was going to need to be replaced soon so I had bought another when I picked up the kit.  The second time through was perfect:

Now the kit comes with three acrylic blocks as I mentioned.  You don't even have to use any adhesive to stick the material to the blocks, it holds pretty well on its own.  But there wasn't a block to fit the image I chose so I improvised.  I snagged a plastic bullet case from my husband's work bench.  It worked exactly like the acrylic except for one thing:  It has little dips in the plastic that didn't let the design stamp fully.  But no matter, I can just peel it off and stick it to another block!

One thing of note here:  this image didn't require any mirroring but most others will.  You want to put your stamp material on the block backward so that when it's pressed down it will read correctly.

I will say though that the acrylic works great.  I made another design (this one of my photography logo) and stuck it to the block and it worked flawlessly.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the stamp kit.  As someone who customizes nearly everything she owns I love that I can choose my own designs.  I'm going to be doing some work on my brand this year and I'm excited to put this little kit through it's paces on a larger scale!

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