Interview - Amber Allen of A Witches Garden

Today I wanted to showcase a relatively new Etsy shop owner.  Amber Allen specializes in spiritual products such as gemstones, herbs, and oils to create items to promote health and well being for her customers.  Her store - A Witches Garden - opened in August of 2014 and already has nearly 100 sales. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Amber via Skype and get an inside look into her shop and business goals:

Mazer Creations: What was your motivation for going into business for yourself?

Amber Allen: Honestly, you (my best friend) my mother and sister were jewelry makers and I have always been the corporate worker so it never really occurred to me to make jewelry or sell products, but after a long conversation with you and going over how really easy it is, I decided to try my hand at it and fell in love with it.

MC: What do you believe you can offer customers that your competitors cannot?

AA: I believe I can offer some more unique options just for my customer.  I prefer to custom make things based on the customers need instead of just a thousand of the same necklace over and over. Each customer has a different intent in their minds when they order from me. We talk over and over and I will send pictures before they buy the piece to ensure it is the right fit for them.  The more the customer loves their piece the more magic it will hold for them.

MC: How do you think your products differ from those seen elsewhere in the Etsy marketplace?

AA: I use herbs for their magic properties and turn them into easy to wear and stylish jewelry. I can also create medicine bags for the every day Wiccan, though I have people of every faith
contacting me to make something for them.
I have the ability to work with pretty flowers, herbs and stones and create inexpensive things to make a piece that someone would love to wear for years that fits their personality.

MC: How do you get your ideas for your products?

AA: Customers, honestly. When a customer contacts me for a piece, I take that and work with it to create other pieces. What I like, someone else isn’t going to necessarily like, so I use what customers have me create for them as inspiration for future pieces.

MC: What is the most rewarding part of your business?

AA: The best and most rewarding thing for me is getting the feedback. When someone gives me the 5 stars and says the piece was everything they were looking for or my fertility charm worked and they will be expecting their first baby soon, those are when things are the most rewarding for me. I know I always do the best I can, but to see it make someone else very happy, just makes me so happy…

MC: What is one thing you want potential customers to know about your operation?

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AA: Do not hesitate to contact me first. I am open to a very long conversation on what you want and I will do my best to accommodate it with what I have. The more the piece is tailored for you, the most effective it will be and if I can’t make what you need, then I will look to see who else can if it’s possible.
Again, the more the piece is crafted for you, the more effective it will be.

MC: Where do you want your business to be at this time next year?

AA: I would like to be set up to do more vending at craft fairs and outdoor markets where I will get the opportunity to interact with more people. I love meeting new people and getting a sense of the kind of things they are looking for. In person, you can get more in-depth too about what colors they like and where they want to go with the charm you make for them.

MC: Do you have any new products or concepts coming out this year? 

AA: YES!! I have a drawer full of beautiful marble and real stones that I can’t wait to work with and finally launch my stone line. I also acquired some amazing resins that I would like to work with to get some homemade incense going as well. I love smoldering incense, so it would be nice to have a good line of those for any occasion.

Be sure to check out Amber's shop A Witches Garden on Etsy!

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