10 Things Handmade Sellers HATE to Hear

I could make that myself
This one is often said just after “Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  How much is it?”.   Otherwise you hear it stage-whispered between two people as they stand over your items. 

You know what would work better…?
Usually heard from the mouth of someone who knows someone whose cousin makes the exact opposite of what you make. 

Why is your stuff so expensive?
This one is usually reserved for in-person sales situations like craft fairs and artisan shows.  And it always comes from one of two types of people: Clearance Whores or those who don’t have a crafty bone in their body and as such don’t understand how long it takes or how much goes into hand-making each item.

I saw this exact thing online for half the price
No you didn’t.  You saw something similar or something roughly the same color.  This is also a tactic by some to get you to give them a discount.

What’s your real job?
This one and it’s variation “When are you gonna get a real job?” are usually reserved for older relations.  Some people (a LOT of people) just can’t comprehend that someone could make an income with their own two hands.

Oh you sell on (Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet)?  They SUCK!
Nearly always uttered by someone who failed at the aforementioned venue, this one is heard fairly often.  Yes friends, there are even elitists among the handmade artisans.

You’ll never make a living doing this.
Just like with any small business, you won’t make a decent profit right away.  And, as with any business, you need to spend money to make money.  People who say this aren’t understanding that the term “business” applies to huge corporation AND the lone person working into the night in a home studio. 

I wish I could stay at home and craft all day.
I wish I could too.  I bet that would improve my Etsy business.  But I’ve got two kids, a husband, a home, homeschooling, and a whole slew of other responsibilities.  

I need this by tomorrow.
Oh does this one piss me off.  My processing time is clearly posted yet people STILL purchase their item and leave a note saying they need it by this day.  Good customer service makes me try to meet their needs but the rudeness of it really fries my potatoes.

I want to buy this but I don’t get paid until next month.
I have no problem holding an item for someone for a couple of days until payday.  But then there are those customers who keep requesting extensions.  Over and over and over.

I know there are more out there!  Can you think of any that I missed? 

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