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For this week's business blog post I thought I would share with you all what I have found to be the best of the best when it comes to the craft supplies that I use in my shop.  

Please remember that these are chosen based on my own opinion after having used them extensively in my own creations.

Alumilite Clear Cast

Alumilite Clear Cast.  This can be purchased online through Amazon,  or in person at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (some).  I've been using this stuff for nearly eighteen months and will not switch.  It's that good.  

It cures wonderfully and I have had no problems with discoloration, etc.  It is also a very forgiving blend in that if you are off in your measurements by a couple of drops one way or another it will still cure properly.  I can't praise this product enough.


Oracal Vinyl

Oracal 651.  A girlfriend recommended this product to me after I'd experienced the worst vinyl and had gotten frustrated.  Shannon Burke of Delight Designs Vinyl knew what she was talking about when she pointed me in this direction.  I've been using it exclusively since early 2014 and have never had a complaint.  I purchase it through Amazon in large rolls and have amassed quite the color collection.  

It is important to note that Oracal makes several types of vinyl.  The kind I use is "651" which is the permanent style.  They also sell a removable stock for things like wall decor, etc.


Hobby Lobby Waxed Cotton Cord

I've been through a lot of cordage in my shop's existence and this one, found exclusively through Hobby Lobby, holds up great.  It is about four dollars per spool (though you can get it half off quite often with the sales they run) and lasts quite awhile.  It is very wallet-friendly and well constructed.  

It also grips itself quite well which is a definite plus when I am making double-knot, adjustable bracelets.


Sculpey III
Polymer Clay:

I will state for the record right now that I am not a brand snob when it comes to polymer clay.  If the clay is the color I want then I use it.  However, when the color I want is a Sculpey III brand it makes me happy.  

This brand is so easy to work with.  It is firm enough to hold its shape well but yields well enough to make your creations without excessive force.


These four items are constant fixtures in my arsenal.  Stay tuned for the list of items that did NOT make the grade (and instead wasted my money!).

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