Wow this year has been flying by!  How is it already February?  I hope you guys on the northern half are staying warm.  Two days ago I was driving to the gym and my car's temperature gauge told me the outside temp was 28 degrees.

What?!  I live just outside of Phoenix you guys.  It doesn't GET that cold.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80's.

Go home weather, you're drunk.

Long distance relationship, best friends, gift set, handmade
This time of year is pretty popular for my Long Distance Relationship gift sets and I've been pretty busy this week trying to keep/catch up.

It amazes me how people can live so far apart and maintain a relationship.  I just created a set for a couple where one was in rural Pennsylvania and the other in Brazil.  Thank goodness for modern technology.  Skype has been awesome for me to keep in touch with one of my girlfriends who I've known since high school.  I can only imagine how valuable it is for people who are in love but separated by distance.

So enough mushy stuff.  Whether you think Valentine's Day is the most romantic day ever or just a BS holiday made by corporate &#$'s I hope yours is wonderful <3

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