Chrissy Mazer
My shop started when my husband, David, convinced me to make a go at selling my crafts.  He as much as anyone knows how much I love making things. Honestly I think he is tired of my creations cluttering up the house. hehe

As a girl my favorite thing was playdoh. I loved making little creatures, little rings and bracelets. I was always upset when everything had to be smashed back into a blob to fit into the storage container. That's why I love polymer clay so much. When I make something I like I make it permanent!
Daddy and Caleb ready to
go to a public ritual
I've been married since January 2009.  Before David and I got married we were best friends for nearly a decade.  I highly recommend marrying your best friend.  Having known each other for so long before we started a relationship there was no hiding any weird or gross habits.  We already knew all there was to know.
In 2010 we welcomed our first son, Caleb.  He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 4lbs 15oz.  From the beginning this little Aries was a stubborn boy and decided that he wasn't gonna require any of their NICU treatment.  He didn't spend a minute there =)

 In 2012 we completed our family with the arrival of our second son, Lochlan.  This guy wasn't about to leave his comfy quarters and came out at over 8lbs.  With his birth came a completion of another sort within our family.  I was born in winter, Caleb in spring, David in summer, and Lochlan in autumn!  

Celebrating 1 year on Etsy
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