Mazer Creations began in 2013 as an outlet for my creative endeavors.  As far back as I can remember I've loved making things and even more than that I've loved personalizing things.  Yes, I was the kid in class with the textbook wrapped in brown paper and decorated to the point of graffiti.  Even the tissue boxes around my home have custom covers (true story!).  

The problem I run into is that rarely do I find customizations in the retail markets available that are tuned to who I am as an individual.  I looked far and wide for a shirt that had googly eyes staring longingly at a croissant and when I couldn't find one (can you believe it?!) I gave up and made it myself.  This mentality is what I hold dear in my business.  I love creating pieces that are as unique as you are.  "Keep Thor in Thorsday" isn't exactly something you'll find in a department store but you'll find it here.

So who am I?  I'm a spiritual enthusiast, a wife, a mom, a photographer, and a business owner.  I'm a serial list-maker, a compulsive organizer, and am obsessed with Supernatural (like seriously - my youngest son and I go to conventions together!).  I am extremely health conscious and am on a journey to whip myself into shape.  My highest weight was 327 pounds and I've lost over 140 at this point.  For real!  You can follow along on my YouTube channel!