Are your bracelets adjustable?
 - Yes, absolutely.  I use a sliding double knot system so that the bracelets can be adjusted to fit most wrists.  That said, if you feel your wrist is exceptionally small or large please don't hesitate to state that in the transaction notes at checkout - I can easily make one a bit on the small or large size to accommodate you.

Is your jewelry waterproof?
- Yes.  Both of my children wear emergency contact necklaces at all times (swimming, bathing, etc) and they are still 100% pristine.  Depending on the wear and tear however the cordage may need to be replaced after a time.  My boys (5 and 7) get new cordage about every six to eight months.

Are your vinyl decals permanent?
- They are, yes.  Obviously with painstaking effort they can be pried off with a scraping tool however they should be considered permanent and damage may occur to the surface if such an effort is attempted.  Make sure of where you want it before you stick it!

Do you offer customization of your products?
- For most designs, yes I do.  Certain limitations occur - for example the smaller the medium (vinyl, petite washers,) the more detail may be lost in its application.  But changing colors, adding names or messages, etc is completely do-able!

Can I get my order tomorrow?
- Probably not.  Washer jewelry takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure (48 hours for double-sided designs) and I cannot control the workings of the postal services.  My shipping and processing times are listed on both my Etsy and Amazon Handmade sites.

What is the largest size for vinyl decals?
- Currently my size limit for vinyl decals is 11.5 X 11.5

I would like my favorite sports team's logo on my jewelry.  Can you do that?
- No.  I do not replicate any licensed, trademarked, or copyrighted designs.

Handmade washer jewelry