Vinyl Decals


Before you begin, the surface onto which you are going to place the vinyl MUST be clean and free of grease, dust, etc.  A mixture of 60/40 water and soap works well.  DON’T use glass cleaner such as Windex.  The chemicals in these do not allow the vinyl to adhere properly.

Next you want to peel the transfer tape from the backing.  The decal will remain stuck to the transfer tape.  Position it over the surface and carefully press it down.  You’ll want to work from the center of the decal out to the edges to avoid trapping air beneath the vinyl. 

Once it is pressed down go over it a few times with your fingers, pressing firmly to adhere the decal to the surface.  Pay special attention to any small bits such as periods, commas, dots over any “i’s”, etc.

Finally, carefully peel back the transfer tape.  If any of the vinyl sticks to it, simply lay it back down and press the vinyl where it didn’t adhere as well.  When all of the tape is removed, you’re all done!  Enjoy your design!